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Workshop – Stefano Brunesci and Christie Gabriel – 9th July 2017

Workshop – Fashion, Editorial, Fashion Nude

Model: Christie Gabriel


 9th July,  2017, Bath, UK

Yes folks, its that time again! Following on from the success of my  sold out workshops with Fredau in May last year, various Some Like it Hot workshops, plus an excellent workshop with Zoi Gorman in Oslo in 2015, I’m doing another (long overdue) workshop with beautiful international model Christie Gabriel, author of the successful bookThe Self Made Model“, in July this year.

Christie will be here for one day only as part of her whistle-stop tour of Europe this summer, so this really is a rare opportunity to catch us both together!

The workshop will be held at my home/studio near Bath where we’ve held many now with great success. I have a good studio setup, a lovely natural light room and (weather allowing) some great outside spaces too.

The following topics will all be covered:-

Lighting (2-3 studio + 1-2 natural light setups depending on time/weather etc.)

  • Posing and model direction/interaction
  • What exactly is a fashion nude image?
  • A couple of 10 minute demo shoots so you can see how I work
  • Tethered shooting into Lightroom
  • Use of Lightroom presets during shooting
  • Shooting digital for Black & White
  • Setting the right mood
  • Multi-light setups
  • Using hard light
  • Using just one light
  • Using natural light
  • High energy shooting

The workshop will run from 10am-5pm with half an hour or so for lunch. Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided but please let me know if you have any special requirements. The workshop is open to photographers of all levels as long as you have a camera with a hotshoe for a flash trigger and know how to set the shutter speed and f-stop, you’ll be good! I would recommend bringing a selection of lenses for flexibility but a 50mm or kit lens will work just fine for most things. This workshop is really not about equipment!

Numbers will be strictly limited to just four photographers to ensure everybody gets plenty of shooting time and loads of great images.

Some feedback from previous workshops:-


It was so nice to meet you. You have a really positive energy in your workshops. It was such a pleasure and so much fun.

Thanks for an amazing and educational day today!

I cant tell you how much I enjoyed today I’m just chilling going over it all   I really appreciate your time and knowledge and I know I have some amazing images.. They will give me a lot of inspiration for future shoots..

I really feel I have some new techniques I can work on That excites me


Price: £245 inc. VAT if booked before June 15th (£295 after that). To book, contact me via Facebook or email me on

Oh, and here are a few images I took of Christie when last we shot together! (click any image for a slideshow)

StefanoBrunesci_AllSheWantsIs_05_web_1080 StefanoBrunesci_AllSheWantsIs_06_web_1080 StefanoBrunesci_AllSheWantsIs_10_web_1080StefanoBrunesci_AllSheWantsIs_11_web_1080_CENSOREDStefanoBrunesci_AllSheWantsIs_12_web_1080_CENSORED

Colour Work



Stefano Brunesci is a British Art, Editorial and Fashion Photographer, based between Bath and London, UK
Ricardo Dominguez for Fucking Young, Styling: Veronique et Charlotte

“Dogma” for Fucking Young

Image2_1080short Image3_1080short Image4_1080short Image5_1080short Image6_1080short Image7_1080short Image8_1080short


“Dogma” for Fucking Young

Photography: Stefano Brunesci
Creative Direction/Styling: Veronique et Charlotte –
Makeup/Hair: SnowKei Lan –
Model: Ricardo Dominguez – @ricc_dominguez

Alexis Housden, Givenchy, Armani, Levi’s, Ellen Pedersen, Prada, KA WA KEY, Wendel Heung and Anton Stor


White Chameleon for HUF

“White Chameleon” for HUF



“White Chameleon” for HUF (Exclusive)

Photography: Stefano Brunesci
Creative Direction/Styling: Veronique et Charlotte –
Makeup/Grooming: Stella Shim –

Hair: John Katsikiotis –
Models: Phillip and Isobella @ NEVS, London

Florian Wowretzko, Ka Wa Key, Ruth Melbourne, Lu La Loop, Smoke and Mirrors, Coss, I.D Sarrieri, Supersweet


Dijana Zeravica Berlin 08Sep15_1080short_untitled_06

Melanie Paul for TREATS!

Dijana Zeravica Berlin 08Sep15_1080short_untitled_01Dijana Zeravica Berlin 08Sep15_1080short_untitled_02 Dijana Zeravica Berlin 08Sep15_1080short_untitled_03 Dijana Zeravica Berlin 08Sep15_1080short_untitled_05 Dijana Zeravica Berlin 08Sep15_1080short_untitled_06 Dijana Zeravica Berlin 08Sep15_1080short_untitled_07 Dijana Zeravica Berlin 08Sep15_1080short_untitled_08Dijana Zeravica Berlin 08Sep15_1080short_untitled_09Dijana Zeravica Berlin 08Sep15_1080short_untitled_10 Dijana Zeravica Berlin 08Sep15_1080short_untitled_11 Dijana Zeravica Berlin 08Sep15_1080short_untitled_12Dijana Zeravica Berlin 08Sep15_1080short_untitled_13

Melanie Paul for TREATS! (Exclusive)

Photography: Stefano Brunesci
Art Direction/Styling: Dijana Zeravica –
Hair & Makeup: Caroline Torbahn –
Model: Melanie Paul @ MODELWERK

• 0770 –
• Anita Nemkyova –

• United Nude –
• Saint Laurent –

• Jijil –
• Elisabetta Franchi –
• Lumière Noire
• Rachel Zoe – 
• Arqueonautus – 
• Minimum –

• Anderne – 

• Coach –
• Anita Nemkyova –



Temptation for LIVID Magazine

StefanoBrunesci_Temptation_01_hires StefanoBrunesci_Temptation_02_hires StefanoBrunesci_Temptation_03_hires StefanoBrunesci_Temptation_04_hires StefanoBrunesci_Temptation_05_hires StefanoBrunesci_Temptation_06_hires StefanoBrunesci_Temptation_07_hires StefanoBrunesci_Temptation_08_hires StefanoBrunesci_Temptation_09_hires StefanoBrunesci_Temptation_10_hires StefanoBrunesci_Temptation_11_hires StefanoBrunesci_Temptation_12_hires StefanoBrunesci_Temptation_13_hires StefanoBrunesci_Temptation_14_hires

“Temptation” for LIVID Magazine

Photography: Stefano Brunesci

Styling: Judas
Hair/MU: Ana Popescu

Models: Cass @ Gingersnap, Elena @ Profile, Slavena @ BMA
Photo Assist: Daniel Hubbert


After Dark for COLE Magazine

StefanoBrunesci_KlaraKoy_COLE_01_hiresStefanoBrunesci_KlaraKoy_COLE_02_hiresStefanoBrunesci_KlaraKoy_COLE_03_hiresStefanoBrunesci_KlaraKoy_COLE_04_hiresStefanoBrunesci_KlaraKoy_COLE_05_hiresStefanoBrunesci_KlaraKoy_COLE_06_hires StefanoBrunesci_KlaraKoy_COLE_07_hires StefanoBrunesci_KlaraKoy_COLE_08_hires StefanoBrunesci_KlaraKoy_COLE_09_hires

“After Dark” for COLE Magazine

Photography: Stefano Brunesci

Styling and Hair: Tara Ziegfeld
Makeup: MeyloO
Model: Clara @ [redacted]
Lingerie by Marianna Giordana
Accessories by Fräulein Kink, Forever Glam, Maison Close, Bordelle, Paloma Casile and Pretty Wild, for BRIGADE MONDAINE
Shoes by Gucci

Order a print copy of COLE magazine here

“Bird Is The Word” for LoveFMD


“Bird Is The Word” for LoveFMD

Photography: Stefano Brunesci
Fashion Editor: Iva Mirbach
Makeup: Anna Schwendner
Hair: Christina Wandl
Model: Maria N @ EXIT Model Management
Production: FMD
Featured Brands: GiuSeppe Zanotti, Jimmy Choo, Maison Close, Pleasure State,  Saint Laurent,  Stuart Weitzman, Wolford, YSL




“Lazy Afternoon” for COLE


“Lazy Afternoon” for COLE Magazine

Photography: Stefano Brunesci
Styling/Hair/MU: Caroline Madison –
Claudia Dolez @ Karin Models, Paris